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We host a variety of offline and in-person events to facilitate networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and skill-building activites.

Innovation to Implementation: ...

YO.DH Fest 2024 commemorates one year since the establishment of the YO.DH community. This one-day summit aims to bring together the larger YO.DH community, various experts, and or...

Past Events Online Event

Jun 12, 2024

Crafting Communication Strateg...

In the fast-paced digital age, effective communication is key! Join us for this enlightening skill-building workshop, designed for young digital health professionals to master st...

Past Events Online Event

May 27, 2024

Overcoming obstacles in implem...

YO.DH, in collaboration with PhixAi is delighted to announce the upcoming webinar: ‘Overcoming Obstacles In Implementing AI Solutions For Healthcare: Reaching The Last Mile’....

Past Events Online Event

Apr 24, 2024

Startups in the Digital Health...

Get ready to learn about our YO.DHAs’ startup journey in the #digitalhealth space and how they're changing the face of healthcare. Gain insights from experts within our #YO.DH c...

Past Events Online Event

Mar 30, 2024

Design, Build, Solve: An Intro...

An enlightening virtual Design Thinking Workshop focused on revolutionizing healthcare. Organized by YO.DH in collaboration with Design For Impact and Saathi Ventures, this interac...

Past Events Offline Event

Mar 02, 2024

Digital Brushstrokes: A Digita...

Unleash your creativity and connect with digital health innovators at our exclusive mixer just for our YO.DHAs. Dive into the world of digital health with a masterclass by Surbhi A...

Past Events Offline Event

Feb 28, 2024

The Role of Telemedicine in Ex...

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a fundamental goal of many countries’ health systems. This idea that every individual can have access to quality healthcare regardless of incom...

YO.DH Ambassador Program

An exclusive volunteering program for the YO.DHAs.

Our Podcasts

Sanya Chawla

How is AI Transforming Healthcare?

A young girl with dreams, always up for experimenting, goes on from just understanding Artificial Intelligence as a buzzword to representing leading AI health technologies to the Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi ji. Sanya Chawla, Director of Global Health Innovations at Qure.ai shares her experiences of working in the remotest corners of the world to how AI is transforming healthcare. Her personal journey and anecdotes are nothing short of inspiring especially for all women in technology.

Prashant Tandon

Disrupting the Indian healthcare market

Prashant Tandon draws from his journey in consulting to entrepreneurship. He highlights the transformative impact of Silicon Valley's startup ecosystem on his vision to revolutionize India's healthcare sector. Beginning with a practice management software for clinicians, his venture evolved into HealthKart and then finally culminated in 1MG. In this podcast Prashant also underscores the importance of regulatory support and technological advancements in fostering telemedicine's growth, emphasizing its potential to bridge healthcare gaps and drive equitable access.

Dr. Bilal Mateen

Decoding Digital Public Goods

In this captivating episode, Dr. Bilal Mateen, Executive Director of Digital Square, shares his transformative journey from practicing medicine to spearheading the funding of digital public goods (DPGs) to combat critical health challenges. He explores the pivotal role of DPGs in addressing global health crises, touching upon their application in mental health, climate change mitigation, infectious disease management, and much more.

Rathish Balakrishnan

Uncovering Digital Health

When it comes to Digital Health, Rathish Balakrishnan, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Sattva Consulting, explains how it goes beyond just integrating the use of technology in health. He explores the Digital Health ecosystem at large and provides insights on India's digital health integration and highlights the primary challenges in fully digitizing the healthcare value chain.

Nita Tyagi

Unlocking the power of Digital Public Goods

Nita Tyagi’s through her experiences and anecdotes delves into exploring the power of Digital Public Goods (DPGs) and how they act as building blocks for developing secure open-sourced technologies, the story of the evolution of DIVOC and other digital healthcare infrastructures and much more.

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Our YO.DHAs Speak

YO.DH offers a vital collaborative space that brings together the diverse, multisectoral voices of youth in digital health, enabling us to co-create, test, and scale innovative solutions. Through insightful workshops and events, this community fosters a learning environment where we all benefit from sharing our unique journeys. I am inspired by our collective potential to drive forward the future of digital health. Let's continue to innovate together.

Debjyoti Sikder

Program Facilitator, PHFI

Being a YO.DH ambassador has allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a difference. The most rewarding aspect is being part of a community of young and driven professionals who are building a healthier and vibrant young India. We aim to create impactful changes in the digital health space, leveraging our collective energy and creativity for a brighter future. Proud to be part of this journey!

Aditi Khatri

Associate, The Antara Foundation

YO.DH is a unique and vibrant community of leaders in healthcare that I've been part of. As a young entrepreneur in digital health, it has empowered me to meet like-minded people, collaborate, and position myself better in the industry. As a core team member, I hope we continue to work and spread the word, making other professionals in digital health feel the same way. Together, we can make a significant impact in our field.

Sidharth Rath

Founder & CEO, Swasthya Plus Network

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