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Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Ownership of Digital Health (YO.DH) is a volunteer-led community of digital health professionals under the age of 35 who aspire to be the next generation of leaders driving change in the digital health space. The vision is to empower young professionals in the digital health sector to lead the community as the next wave of leaders. The mission is to provide them with increased representation opportunities, knowledge, and networks, enabling them to be well-informed, innovative, and responsible digital health leaders. The ultimate goal is to leverage technology to enhance healthcare accessibility, affordability, quality, and knowledge globally.

All digital health professionals under the age of 35 can become members of YO.DH.

No, YO.DH is a volunteer-led community. There is no membership fee for any of our offerings.

Any member of YO.DH interested to volunteer with the community actively for 3 months can apply to become a YO.DH ambassador. The YO.DH Secretariat selects the Ambassadors for each cohort.

Yes, YO.DH is a global community with members from over 20 countries.
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