YO.DH Connect

Our mentorship program seeks to connect seasoned professionals with bright and passionate young minds who are members of the YO.DH community. Under the mentorship program, members are guided and supported as they navigate the complexities of the digital health landscape.

The YO.DH Connect will be launching soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

Learning Objectives

Grow your mindset and level up with our mentorship program


Connecting 1:1 with experienced digital health champions

Skill Development

Developing professional competencies, including technical and soft skills.

Networking Opportunities

Providing a space for collaboration, peer learning, and engagement

Career Advancement

Enhancing prospects for accelerating career paths

Community Engagement

A tailored exposure to the digital health ecosystem to enrich and inspire our community members


Enable mentees to pursue their goals with greater confidence, enriched industry insights, access to supportive networks, and boosted self-confidence.