YO.DH Adda

An open-house hosted by the YO.DH members to connect, share experiences and ideate on digital health themes

YO.DH Adda are monthly online sessions hosted by YO.DH members with the larger YO.DH community to come together and interact with each other. These calls are a mix of updates, ice-breaker sessions, quizzes, breakout rooms, and discussions and debates on Digital Health and related topics. YO.DH Adda serves as a platform for the community's voices, bringing out ideas and engaging the community with each other in a fun yet productive way.

The first YO.DH Adda ran a quiz to crowdsource input on topics that the community was interested in for future sessions as well as their understanding and interests in Digital Health. 2 community members shared their own experiences of being a YODHA and breakout rooms enabled members to have deeper conversations with each other on prompts such as what digital health meant to them.

Coinciding with the mental health awareness week, the second Adda centered on mental health and well-being. Members paused briefly to reflect on the highs and lows of the week and understand their emotions. This led to an immersive and open conversation about challenges resulting from the inability to balance work, with members supporting each other with advice and reassurance. Following this, members were assorted into a breakout room for a rapid design-thinking session to develop a digital health solution to address the mental health challenges of women belonging to underserved communities This activity brought diverse ideas and opinions, with each team debriefing about their unique intervention. Overall, the Adda was a blend of open conversations, design thinking, and team collaboration.

The third YO.DH Adda featured an elaborate discussion on interesting technology and innovations that could be harnessed for applications in Health, with members sharing fascinating projects and ideas that they are working on or have encountered during their research.